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Meeting James Rizzo changed my life. I had been working out at my gym desperately trying to lose weight and change my body.I was doing my usual 45 minutes on the elliptical when I noticed a trainer with a client nearby. They were doing these really unique exercises and this trainer was unbelievably motivating to his client. I had never heard anything like this before. I knew that I had to be part of that right away. I approached James and asked him to train me, Thank g-d he said yes. Forty-five pounds and 40 inches later, I can tell you that James gave me exactly what I needed. A new way to look at exercise, a new way to think positively about achieving my personal goals and a trainer who was not only encouraging and motivating inside the gym but a friend who provided never ending support and inspiration outside the gym as well. I have seen James almost every day for two years. Anyone who has worked out with James knows — he makes you work hard, but you get REAL results. He knows what it takes and he will show you that he believes that you have what it takes to get there. James is your solution to fitness. There is no other way.

–  Dr. Cindy Bressler


James Rizzo is one of my Elite Trainers for My Fabulous Forever Program I find James to be a perfect example of a 360 Elite Trainer. A 360 Trainer needs to not only have the total understanding on how the human body works but also has to be able to teach his knowledge to a variety of people and show them how to become the best they can be under any circumstance. James not only has both those qualities but he also has compassion, which is an inborn trait. A 360 Elite Trainer needs to have these three components to successfully help all his wide range of clients. I also find that training with James is more of a fun hour than a work hour. He specializes in interactive training which helps the client be much more involved and enjoy the movements without realizing that it’s work! James rocks personal training!

– Andrea Warshaw Wernick


James is a superb motivator!  He instills passion and creates a vision for your ‘future self’.  You’ll quickly find that you’re eager to knock out another set, go for an extra rep, and ultimately maintain commitment to your goals to realize the vision.  James is incredibly knowledgeable about training methods, the technique and mechanics of exercises, as well as nutrition. There are two main benefits to be gained:

1) you experience results much faster than just going to a gym on your own;
2) it empowers you, enabling you to sustain your regimen, make adjustments when needed, and feel confident you’re making the right decisions.

If you’re looking to celebrate achievements and a better you – you should look to connect with James!

– Nancy


Absolute results is what James delivers. He is the best personal trainer I have ever worked with. I can wear clothes I haven’t worn in years because of his outstanding training. My recommendation to anybody considering James is don’t wait, start now!

– Danette


I have been working out with James for four years. He’s a very experienced trainer, a great guy, and he makes the sessions varied, challenging, and fun. I’m trimmer and more fit than I’ve ever been and look and feel great. Thank you James!

– Eleanor


For the past five years, James has been my personal trainer. I was not accustomed to working out, had never been in a gym before, and found the entire process very intimidating. James’ patience, hard work and dedication gave me the confidence to continue training. He makes working out much easier then I would have thought possible. James is also a very nice and caring individual.
I now feel healthy, fit and look better now than I did five years ago. If James can train me, he can train you!

– June


James has been an incredible catalyst for unlocking my physical potential. His knowledge must be inexhaustible–we have been training for almost three years and I don’t think he has ever repeated a routine. I always look forward to training with him, even though I know it’ll be tough, because I can see how much we progress from week to week.

– Tim


I was first introduced to James as my trainer at Boom Fitness 6 years ago. My girlfriend at the time urged me to get in better shape and lose my gut. I lost 20lbs of fat inside two years and increased my strength and endurance 10 fold! I recently competed with James in the 2012 Urbanathlon in NYC as one of his team-mates. I only had a little over 2 weeks to prepare and James gave me the accelerated training method to prepare for my obstacles.
I was impressed to finish my 4 mile leg in 35 min. with minimal time to get ready!
Thank you James for ALL your hard-work and dedication!

– Joey V


I have been training with James for over five years and have seen significant results. James is a full service trainer. He whips you into shape while entertaining you. Even though he’s demanding and continuously ups the level of difficulty, he’s actually a nice guy. Amongst other things, he has gone with me to make sure I buy the right sneakers and he bought me a device to help with my plantar fasciitis. If you are looking for results, and sometimes a little TLC, James is the right trainer for you.

– Wendy


I randomly walked into Equinox eight years ago as part of a New Year’s resolution and was lucky enough to get James as my trainer. I knew absolutely nothing about training and now I can’t live without it. I jokingly call James the fitness scientist, but that’s what he is. Inventive, knowledgeable, personable, reliable, motivating – just a few words to describe James. Even after eight years, I am never bored and always learning something new – James continually pushes me to do my best.
I highly recommend you get a Body by James.

– Suzie


Coach Rizzo is the fitness scientist! I’ve been training with the Coach for over 7 years and he always finds ways to keep the programs fresh and new. After 7 years he is still introducing new programs and exercises that shock the system. It’s a real kick in the pants workout even if you are on the go and have a quick 20 minutes to squeeze in. I give Coach Rizzo two enthusiastic thumbs up if you are serious about fitness and want to work with one of the most creative fitness experts on the planet.

– David- New York


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