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Questions For The Fitness Scientist

(Q) How do I lose weight but not too much size/muscle?

(A) Your goal is to keep your heart rate up while tricking your metabolism so your body doesn’t plateau. You can do this by changing your cardiovascular routines. Incorporate interval training- changing speeds/inclines on treadmills, bikes, elipticles, etc. are ALL excellent examples.  Focus on endurance movements while keeping the strength days moderately heavy.  You may want to re-evaluate your diet (protein/fat/carbohydrate intake) – Consult a registered dietician for this (70% of your physique does not come from the gym, it comes from the kitchen.)

(Q) How do I make my lower body tighter, such as my glutes and hamstrings, without making my legs bigger?

(A) It is natural for many women to have more muscular legs because genetics often make this body part stronger. Still, many women complain that their problem areas are in the glutes and hamstrings (back of the legs). You can target these areas by holding the squat position for a few seconds at the bottom of the squat, squeezing the glutes and hams before returning to the top. Do the same when you perform leg curls — squeeze at the top and really emphasize the negative movement (lowering of the weight). keeping your repetitions much higher and weight much lighter.



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